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Annual Christmas event

For several years, we have collected shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  These shoe boxes are sent to Samaritan's Purse which in turn ships them overseas to many needy children.  Some items included in each shoe box are school supplies, small toys, and items for personal hygiene.


People interested in helping meet in November to pack each shoe box. They are then taken to a delivery point for shipping. Financial donations are also needed for the project as it costs $9 to ship each shoebox to its final destination.

Since 2016 WSBC has been a relay collection point for Operation Christmas Child. The third week of November is collection week when church in the area can bring their shoeboxes to the church to be transported to a collection site further north.


Dedication of the Shoe Boxes

Because of our West Coast location, our shoeboxes tend to be shipped to the Philippines. If you pay your shipping costs online through Samaritan's Purse, you will receive a scannable code which should be attached to your shoebox. It will be connected to your email. Operation Christmas Child will then send you an email later to let you know where your shoebox was sent.


Throughout the year the church sends special offerings to help missions.  We participate in sending offerings for:


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in December (helps mission work overseas--international missions)

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering starting a few weeks before Easter (helps mission work within North America)

CMO in September (California Mission Offering...helping mission work here in our own State)

Mission: Dignity Sunday the last week of June (to assist retired pastors and missionaries and their spouses/widows)

World Hunger Sunday the second Sunday of October (sponsored by the North American Mission Board for feeding the hungry in North America)

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission in Indio throughout the year as needs are constantly changing. Donated items can be left in the church lobby or dropped off at the mission at 47-470 Van Buren.


Although each of these has a designated time period when we collect, any offerings given during the year and designated towards a specific mission project are sent entirely towards that purpose.  It is through these special offerings that the Southern Baptist mission programs operate, funding and supplying the needs of our missionaries wherever they might be.


There is also a container in the lobby marked "Pennies for Mission Projects" where you can drop off loose change. The container will be embptied each time we are collecting for a major mission project and the money added to what has been collected through the tithing and offerings box.


Pastor Woody, Eddie, "Ronald," and George

It was a very special day for Eddie Rogers as he delivered 24 five gallon pails of pull tabs to Ron McDonald House in Loma Linda, California.  Eddie's brother Pastor Woody, his brother George, and Al Marshall from Canada attended with Eddie.


The Area Director was present and the first thing he said to Eddie was, "You sure drink a lot!"   Eddie was very quick to point out that he has friends from Alaska, Canada, and points in between that help him collect these tabs.  The Director was very appreciative.  The Board Chairman was also present (in the dark suit) who also thanked Eddie for helping support Ronald McDonald House.


The Local Manager, John Hawksley, helped unload the 24 pails of tabs and weighed them for a total of 358 lbs. They also estimated the tabs by weight and came up with 558,654 tabs!  That IS a lot of drinking!  All for a very good cause.  Ronald McDonald House will accommodate 21 families whose family members are in the hospital and will subsidize others at local hotels.


Eddie wants to thank each and everyone of you that collected tabs for him so that he could make this donation to Ronald McDonald House.  Eddie was grinning ear to ear!  The last time he collected tabs, a total of 17 pails were brought to Loma Linda.


If you would like to help Eddie, bring your tabs to the church. There is a large container in the Fellowship Hall where you can leave them if Eddie isn't around. He also has a "Pennies from the Heart" container in the church lobby which will also go to the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House.

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