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Our Pastor

Robert Gates (Pastor Bob) commutes to the church each Sunday from Temecula where he resides with his wife Imelda. His work experiences include: pastor, counselor, chaplain, Bible professor, rehabilitation specialist, military policeman... He is currently completing his doctorate through Liberty Theological Seminary.

The Deacons and Deconesses are happy to serve you.

Our Deacons

Steve Shaum lives in Salton City and currently teaches the adult Sunday School class, a job which he enjoys...and those who attend enjoy his teaching. His booming voice made him the best candidate for giving the announcements at the beginning of the church service. He is easy to spot in church--the TALL guy with a big, bushy beard.

David Reagle can most likely be found at the church when you call as he works in the office 4 days a week (or more) as the church secretary and clerk.  He is a Salton City resident, retired school teacher, and former missionary in Bolivia (David is bilingual-English and Spanish).  During church service you will probably find David playing the piano or near the sound system adjusting the volume on the mics.

Kawika Guibault is our youngest, not to mention most energetic, deacon. He is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to Bible questions. He works with the youth group along with his wife Deanna (one of our deaconesses), is part of our music team and enjoys filling in for the pastor when he is away. Kawika lives in Salton Sea Beach.

Ed Perez lives in Salton Sea Beach with his grandson and granddaughter and occasionally his daughter. If you want to hear some fish stories, Ed is the man. When he isn't down at one of the canals fishing, you'll find him visiting neighbors (fishing for men). He refers to himself sometimes as "Special Ed" and he is special. He helps keep the men's Bible study on topic and fills in once in a while for Steve in teaching the adult Sunday school study.

Ron Parr is a part-time sort of deacon. He has a home in Vista del Mar and one in Oregon so he is only around part of the year. He lives with his wife Sadie and knows that he needs to check with her before he takes on any tasks.

Our Deaconesses

Deanna Guibault (Salton Sea Beach)- An ex-marine with a strong singing voice. She helps her husband with the youth and teaches two weekly Bible study groups. She is the head deaconess and in charge of the kitchen during church activities.

Gerii Mischel (Salton City)- Gerii has music running through her blood. She treats the church with her singing at least every other month. She actually has a CD recorded and was a guest singer a while back for some Nashville Christian TV shows. She is also the person in charge of the prayer chain.

Leona Castle (Vista del Mar)- Leona helps us out with record keeping during Sunday School and takes care of our Sunshine group (sending out personalized birthday, anniversary, and get well cards). She's also our designated "button pusher" during the worship service (she pushes the button to advance the PowerPoint presentation).

Val Prieto (Salton City)- Val is the main person in charge of contacting our missionaries through email with a note of encouragement. She's the tall blond with the English accent.

Sandy Falicki (Salton City)- Sandy took over teaching the children's church activities until recently due to a change in her work schedule. She lives with her husband Ron.

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  Kawika Guibault:

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  Ed Perez:

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  Deanna Guibault:

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  Leona Castle: 

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  Val Prieto: 

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  Geraldine Mischel:

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  Sandy Falicki:

Salton City

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